About Me

I'm a software engineer with over 14 years of successes and bugs. Over the years I've compiled my own Gentoo distro, fixed Linux drivers to compile in my own machine (Ubuntu and user-friendly distros didn't exist at that time -- long live Slackware), translated games to pt-BR, created petty projects with C and OpenGL, and some game levels in Quake Action and Counter-Strike. Adopted C libraries to integrate with Java Native Interface and to make it work on pin pads and fiscal printers. Made some fun stuff with XSS and SQL Injection -- interesting how systems can be fragile to attacks, and I believe SQL should be more used. On the Web world, I've worked with HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Emberjs, and Angularjs in the past, and some other obscure techs like Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports.

I've worked on a Software Engineering Process Group for a company with over 50 developers and nearly 100 projects, where I learned soft skills to deal with people with different skill sets and mindsets, which was a foundation to help me define and guide a 100% remote team on my current company, where we work based on async communication, virtual Kanban board, and CI/CD techniques.

I believe community is an important part of our field, so I used to organize, along with some friends, a local meetup called hack.river from 2016 to 2018 with more than 300 members, where I gave a talk presenting Elixir in 2016 and since then I have been contributing to the Elixir community. Currently, I'm co-organizer of Elixir User Group RP.

Nowadays I'm more into Ruby, Rails, Elixir, and Phoenix, having contributed to Elixir, Ecto, Ecto SQL, Plug, GenStage, and some other projects -- please check out my GitHub profile. And created some stuff with Docker, which is a lifesaver to boot up local servers for development. I also like to write about software development on my blog, having been featured in popular media like Plataformatec newsletter, ElixirWeekly, freeCodeCamp publication, and others. I joined Elixir Mix podcast #054 as a special guest, and we discussed about Phoenix LiveView. Mentoring new developers is an activity that has a lot of responsibility, but it's something that I like to do. On the last couple of years, I'm also performing a management role leading a remote team.

Yeah, I like to build things and experiment with new ideas. 😁

Currently working at LNA Systems performing technical and management roles. Check out my professional profile.