Leandro Cesquini Pereira - Elixir & Phoenix

Short Bio

I’m a senior developer with over 13 years of experience including web development, infrastructure, network, databases, team leading and project managing. My main interests include evolving web applications, exploring ways to store and retrieve data, techniques to process huge amount of data, deploying modular and scalable infrastructure and team mentoring. Currently focused on engaging and contributing to the Elixir community.

I write technical articles on my blog on Medium about programming in Elixir and programming techniques in general, having been featured in popular medias, like Plataformatec newsletter, ElixirWeekly and freeCodeCamp publication.

I used to manage and organize a local Meetup from 2016 to 2018 gathering people to discuss about web development, infrastructure and design, where I also gave a talk to present Elixir to local developers in 2016.


  • Elixir
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • Kubernetes


I write on Medium and Twitter, write code on GitHub and work at LNASystems. Check out my professional profile on LinkedIn.